Happy OT Month- and free apps!

Did you know April is national OT month? AND Autism Awareness Month? What a perfect month to begin this blog, as both are dear to my heart. To kick off this month I wanted to spread the word about several exciting happenings.

First, did you know that every Friday is free app Friday? There are several sites that offer this deal (good ole’ google search will give you more options), but the one I like is : http://freeappfriday.com/. It gives clear over-views of the apps themselves and links you to itunes to download them.

This site: http://www.smartappsforkids.com/ also has hundreds of apps that are free or discounted in honor of Autism Awareness Month. It was a bit harder to navigate  but if you dig deep you can find some gems.

As a therapist invested in building face-to-face interactions and relationships, I have a love-hate relationship with tablets. However, I do love getting the word out there when I find apps that are worth the time and money. So far these  are  a few of my favorites:

Injini Child Development Game Suite (24.99 on itunes). This app is pricey but has so many games within the game. IT’S WORTH EVERY PENNY! It grades the difficulty of the game so that when the child succeeds at a level it bumps them up to the next one, but not before that happens. In this way it really meets the kid where they are at. Developmentally it works on a lot of great visual spatial skills that prepare kids for writing.

Rush Hour (free on itunes). This app is derived from a board game and works on problem solving and visual spatial processing!

Kid in Story Book Maker (free version on itunes). I love using this app during therapy because it allows the child to create their own story using photographs (that they can take), their own voice, and typing. I use it a lot to organize and sequence simple stories during play. For kiddos with speech difficulties I’ve found that this is app is highly motivating for them as they get to record their own voice to narrate the story.

Another way to get involved this month would be to attend the semi-local Autism Speaks Walk on April 26th at the Pasadena Rosebowl. Go here for more information: http://www.kintera.org/faf/home/default.asp?ievent=1084975.

That’s all for now. Stay posted for activity/treatment ideas and in-home therapy tips!




If you’ve stumbled upon my blog…welcome! I am a pediatric occupational therapist and DIR clinician-in- training in sunny Santa Barbara, CA. This website will be a place to peruse treatment ideas, craft activities, research, and therapy musings. My hope is that it will be a resource for parents, educators, and professionals alike.